Ye Ha!

The Spring Term drew to a rip roaring close, with the Year 5 and 6 production of “The Wildest Musical in The West … Ye-Ha!

Set in a wild west town, ‘Splodge City’, the main character, Wilbur, had to take on the role of Sheriff and face the No Good Outlaws, ably led by Howling Dog McNut, and Two Stroke Indians led by the magnificently attired Chief Walking Weasel, in order to save his town from being taken over by the baddy, Mayor Tex Truman.

A whole host of characters appeared along the way in order to make this musical comedy one of the best Beech Hall children have performed.

Every child participated, the singing and dancing was up to it’s usual high standard.

The gallery pictures show how much fun the children and staff had putting the show together.

Lighting and sound was managed by two of our talented year 8 boys – a great job.

Thanks also must go to our wonderful mums who helped with costumes and make up.

Helen Roberts

Junior School Production - Ye-Ha!

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