Welcome from the Headmaster

Beech Hall is a non-selective independent school for boys and girls aged 6 months to 18 years. Situated in a beautiful sixteen-acre site on the edge of the Peak District, housing two listed buildings, playing fields and swimming pool, we are proud to be able to provide a truly child-centred approach to education.

Small classes and a focus on the individual child mean that quality teaching and learning lead to success. However, we believe, opportunities beyond the curriculum are just as important as those in the classroom as we seek to provide a truly unique curriculum for every child. A balanced focus on academic attainment, sporting opportunities, emphasising individual strengths and celebrating traditional values are at the core of everything that is important to us at Beech Hall.

In 2021 the school became part of the Chatsworth Schools group. The Chatsworth Schools team has a track record of exceptional educational leadership, a passion for schools as learning communities and particular expertise in learning support practices that allow children to flourish and exceed expectations. Through high standards, excellent pastoral care and by fostering a love of learning in a supportive environment, Chatsworth Schools enable all pupils to be confident and well-rounded individuals.

At Beech Hall we have the highest standards of expectation for our children and the quality to which we believe they are entitled. This means that processes to ensure individual achievement are rigorous, and opportunities for pupils to participate in the widest variety of ways are multiple and varied. Communication remains a three-way process throughout our children’s education, ensuring that your child, their teachers and you work collaboratively to achieve happiness and success.

Mr James Allen,

In This Section

“The school has had a tremendous impact on my daughter and I genuinely believe she wouldn’t have made the progress she has, at any other school. She has gone from not being able to speak to anyone, to talking to all the teachers and even doing a speech in assembly in her bid to become sports captain! This is phenomenal progress! She is happy and loves everything about school; a complete contrast to her feelings prior to joining.”

Beech Hall School Parent – Summer ’23