Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is a prestigious youth development program that has been operating in over 140 countries for over 60 years. It was founded by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1956 with the aim of inspiring and motivating young people to become well-rounded individuals who are equipped with essential life skills.

The DofE Award program is open to pupils from Year 9 and is structured around four key areas: volunteering, physical, skills, and expeditions. Pupils are encouraged to choose activities that challenge them and help them develop new skills, while also contributing positively to their communities.

In the volunteering section, pupils engage in activities that benefit their local communities, such as volunteering at a charity, working with the elderly, or helping out at a youth club. In the physical section, pupils work on improving their fitness and health by taking part in sports or other physical activities. The skills section is designed to encourage pupils to develop practical and creative skills, such as learning to cook, play a musical instrument, or developing a new language.

The expeditions section is often seen as the most challenging part of the DofE program. Pupils plan and undertake a trek, with the aim of developing self-reliance, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Pupils are expected to camp out overnight and carry all their own equipment.

Our dedicated staff support and guide the pupils to carry out their activities. Once they have completed all four sections of the program, participants receive a prestigious DofE Award, which is highly respected by employers and universities around the world.

The DofE Award is a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop a range of life skills, improve their self-confidence, and make a positive impact on their communities. Pupils can sign up for the DofE Bronze Award from Year 9 onwards.

In This Section

“I cannot recommend this school enough. To see my son going to school happy everyday and knowing he is getting a fabulous education too is all a parent can ask for . The headmaster is the best, that’s the only way to describe him! He and his staff go above and beyond to ensure the children’s happiness, they nurture them , treat them as individuals and I have no doubt that my son will leave the school a very confident young man with nothing but happy memories of his school years. !”

Beech Hall School Parent – Summer ’23