Senior (Year 7-11)

Beech Hall Senior School is a small school. We take pride in being small because that means we can evaluate and prioritise the needs of every individual pupil. Within a couple of days of a child joining Beech Hall, every member of staff will know him or her by name. It is being small that allows us not only to monitor the academic progress and pastoral welfare of each individual child, but, at an early stage of his or her career at Beech Hall, to put in place an individually devised academic pathway through to 16, which is always flexible as children’s capacities and interests evolve.

Beech Hall benefits from a team of expert specialist teachers and dedicated learning support staff. It is our mission to offer every pupil the opportunity to achieve to the very best of his or her ability.

At Beech Hall, we pride ourselves on our sense of community. We expect pupils to benefit from the opportunities offered in terms of extracurricular activities and academic support that are offered outside scheduled lessons. But we also believe that young people benefit greatly from contributing to the ethos of the community, and encourage every pupil to participate in the sporting and cultural life of the school, as well as assuming a variety of positions of responsibility.

One of Beech Hall’s mottos is “Where the children come first.” Individually and collectively, the welfare, safety, education and development of our pupils matter to us above all else. We are a school with a family feel where pupils who might struggle to flourish in larger schools thrive and realise their potential. Like we said, we take pride in being small.

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“A holistic approach to each individual student. Very happy with our decision to move our son to Beech Hall. “

Beech Hall School Parent – Summer ’23