Computer Science

Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes

ICT is taught as an integrated part of the curriculum within the Infants. With access to the Junior ICT suite teachers can take the classes in when the opportunity best suits the curriculum need and produce work to support the curriculum.

The Juniors have dedicated ICT lessons which focus on keyboard skills initially. Once these are improved the curriculum then looks at the application of the technology to produce work that enhances their learning in other curriculum areas eg the use of computer aided design software to enhance their design technology work.

In the Senior School, the focus of ICT is as a tool to be used in all lessons. Microsoft Office is taught and with the British Computer Society we provide the ECDL (European Driving Licence in ICT) for our students. This is an internationally recognised qualification and a pre-requisite for many employers.

At GCSE, we can offer an ICT qualification, however in previous years students have completed a half GCSE in ICT by the end of Year 9. This adds a qualification to their portfolios and allows for an extra option at GCSE.